This universe began around a long time back and in the event that we discuss man, he was brought into the world after 99.9985% of the age of the universe has passed. Also, when did the innovation come to us? Simply a long time back? Be that as it may, our inquiry


Where could God be? Where could the spirit be? Where could the Seven Sky be? Which seven grounds? Where could Barzakh be? For what reason is it not apparent? How might Armageddon come? What occurs in the afterlife? Where are the animals other than people? Where could the holy messengers be? How might we go to a different universe?


I will start this string with a couple of inquiries that have emerged before us just over the most recent couple of years. In the second piece of the string, I will expound on the spots where the solutions to these inquiries might be covered up. Also, in the third part, I will expound on whether our religion enlightens us about anything concerning them.


In the year 1961, there is an examination which is known as the twofold cut explore. In this examination, electrons are gone through an obstruction that has just two openings. Presently it ought to have happened that the electrons would have shown up at just two puts on the back wall, however, they were showing up at ten better places together, and that too in the shape and size of these two openings, yet this is unimaginable. In any case, shockingly it was working out.

Anything that we see, and feel is considered the matter, all of you probably read strong, fluid, and gas and we have been concentrating on these three conditions of an issue for a really long time. In the nineteenth 100 years, the fourth condition of the issue called plasma was found and in the twentieth 100 years, an exceptionally secretive substance called antimatter was found. It’s the specific inverse of issue, truth be told finding it, and delivering verification of it is quite possibly of the most costly human experience, inshallah I’ll compose to a greater degree toward this later in the string yet for the present, I’ll simply say this. Ga, that finding the verification was such a costly trial that you might have a hard time believing me in the event that I composed the cost, so google antimatter cost for 1 gram and afterward return to my string.


It was important to make reference to this since when the universe was made, there ought to have been precisely equivalent measures of issue and antimatter, yet our universe is feeling the loss of all the antimatter. Totally absent, where did he go?

In the western sky of our Pakistan, there is a group of stars called bootes. Behind it is one of the most secretive pieces of the room called bootes-void. Absolutely unfilled, without any stars, no planets, no worlds, nothing. Yet, its size? I will simply compose that light reaches from one finish to the next in 33 million years. As a matter of fact, this part is huge to such an extent that it is known as a supervoid.


It is far away, drawing nearer to the earth. Seven and a half trillion miles past our adjoining planet Neptune is unexpectedly unfilled, without any meteors, no messed up stars, simply void space. Also, nothing else, the name of this area is Kuiper bluff.


On October 20, 2003, a billion years from our earth, a fabulous design was found, as though billions of worlds had fabricated an immense wall, this wall was named Sloan-Incredible Wall. Let the light travel from one finish to the next in 1.38 billion years yet it is unimaginable, nothing could be so large in space yet it worked out, Sloan Extraordinary Wall exists and is the greatest design in our space.

Around the same time in 2013, the European space satellite Planck found a piece of the universe that was cooler than the rest and missing 10,000 cosmic systems, the size of which even light required 1.8 billion years to cross it. What’s more, this part was very much like a torn lacking piece of material! Also, this will be vital going ahead in the string.

Additionally, there were a few inquiries that are very astonishing however a result of the length of the string I’m excluding them and beginning one more piece of my string. Where we could track down replies. Furthermore, in this specific situation, I will compose just three significant revelations to keep the string short.


The primary disclosure was made by Ruler Kelvin in 1884. A similar disclosure was made by John Oort in 1932, a similar revelation was made by Fritz Zwicky in 1933 that there are a few planets whose weight is multiple times more prominent than their own weight, however, what is their weight of it? That thing itself isn’t noticeable, so this undetectable weight is called dull matter.


Another revelation, in 1998, an enormous star detonated called a cosmic explosion, however, it made a bizarre disclosure. The star’s fire was spreading far quicker than it ought to have been and was the main proof of power influencing our universe for an enormous scope. This power is 68% of our all-out universe, its temperament is obscure on Wikipedia, how is it to see? obscure, what things is it influencing? obscure and we just figured out that it exists, yet what is the reason for such a huge power? That is obscure

Dim matter and dull energy, together make up 85% of our universe. We don’t have the foggiest idea, and God willing, you will peruse the response.

The third disclosure, a magazine called New Researcher, records an exceptionally odd investigation. In 2006, a researcher named Peter Graham and his group were exploring high-energy particles coming from space in the South Pole, the Antarctic. For this reason, they utilized a machine framework called ANITA. Presently ANITA found a few particles however the disclosure was difficult to the point that this task must be gone on for an additional decade.

It so happened that ANITA found particles called neutrinos, which are called apparitions of nature, as a matter of fact, they are tricky to the point that it required 30 years to demonstrate their reality. They don’t come into contact with anything in the universe and leave our entire earth as though it were not there, at the present time six and a half trillion neutrinos are going through our bodies consistently, however, none of our bodies are. Not associating, and fortunately not, or your blood temperature would be 4000 degrees Celsius simultaneously. Where are they conceived? Just on occasions like stars and huge bangs. Yet again however the neutrinos recognized by ANITA were coming from our Earth which. It is unimaginable and it must mean a certain something.

Have you perused refrain 27 of Surah ص in the Quran? We didn’t make the sky and the earth and all that is between them to no end.

What’s more, it is astounding that a similar report was distributed in October 2018 by an extremely enormous name like Stephen Peddling in his book. The abrupt vanishing of articles in space, the presence of electrons in ten spots rather than two, dim energy, dim matter, and these neutrinos from the earth, all can be joined to make just a single determination. That there is a world other than us, right close to us, running lined up with us, concealed.


Furthermore, this imperceptible world is known as an equal universe.
This idea is old to the point that it is referenced someplace in practically all religions and methods of reasoning, quite a while back the Greek savant Chrysippus likewise composed that there is a world lined up with our own.

Norse folklore of the tenth century additionally makes reference to at least one universe, including a different world called Asgard, which in a real sense implies god nook, a world saved exclusively for God, similar to our idea of paradise. Indeed, in a similar Norse folklore, I found a notice of their paradise, which they call Valhalla. Taint Valhalla, an entire computer game has been created at the expense of a portion of a billion euros. For what reason did I contact Norse folklore? Along these lines, I will keep on composing. Likewise in Greek and Mayan folklore, I found notices of different universes in which there is no spot to write in this string. In any case, I’m astounded at how obviously the idea of different universes is tracked down in our Islam. Rather, our Ruler is known as the Master of the Universes, the Ruler of more than one world.

Prior to perusing further, comprehend that all that we find in our universe, all that our hardware can see, as may be obvious, is called our Hubble volume, it is the volume of a tremendous ball. Envision it in structure. What’s more, we can concentrate just 15% of our Hubble volume since we are bound to three aspects. Our all-out reach is restricted to advance, in reverse, all over, right and left development, and there are aspects in our universe in which the occasions and creatures found in it are outside our ability to comprehend.


Do you recall the occurrence when Abu Jahl got the news that the Prophet ﷺ was asking in Masjid al-Haram, so he went towards the Kaaba brimming with outrage, saying (May Allah be satisfied with him) that I will hurt him today, nonetheless, when the Prophet ﷺ When he pushed ahead, individuals saw that unexpectedly he safeguarded himself with his hands and went in reverse. Later he expressed that among me and Muhammad (PBUH) there was a gigantic channel, odd and horrendous animals, and numerous others. What’s more, the Prophet ﷺ said that assuming he had approached me, the heavenly messengers would have licked his legs.

What world was revealed in front of his eyes that his face turned pale and he ran away?

What creatures and events are taking place in our parallel world, don’t the giants and devils also exist in a separate dimension? You may have also read in verse 27 of Surah Araaf that the devils and their groups see you from where you do not see them.


I, THE WRITER, believe that some worlds exist around us in different dimensions, but our universe may not have more than six dimensions because the laws of physics are quite predictable. However, outside our Hubble volume, what dimensions and what laws of physics apply?

Perhaps we cannot even think through science, and perhaps that is why it is mentioned in verse 33 of Surah Rahman that, O people of jinn and mankind! If you have the power to get out of the edges of the earth and the sky, then get out! And you cannot leave, except with special permission. But let me tell you something fun. Compared to all other religions, we get the clearest and truest glimpse of other worlds in Islam. Do you remember in a verse of Surah Al-Baqarah Allah described an example of a mosquito? Those who denied it made a big joke that why is this Allah describing the example of such a small thing? And in the next verses, it was answered that Allah guides many with a small example.


Are you familiar with Accom’s Razor, a principle of science and philosophy? In simple words, according to this principle, the answer is always to pay attention to the little things. And when we started paying attention to the smallest unit of matter i.e. atom and electrons, then we started getting traces that on this scale our laws of physics are flying. Here, only hints are being found regarding other worlds and universes. Electrons suddenly disappear while rotating in their orbits, suddenly appear.

Do you remember that I told you that antimatter may have been created equal to the amount of matter that was created during the Big Bang, but where did it all go? KOI NAHI JANTA. At least he is not in this universe because if he was in our own universe we would know by now because when matter and antimatter come in contact there is a huge explosion and it emits very powerful gamma rays. But antimatter is a reality and it was first created in the CERN laboratory in 1995 but now the problem is where to put it because it would explode as soon as it comes in contact with any normal matter. Therefore, a special device called a penning trap was made which was empty of air, and in it the anti-hydrogen was preserved for seventeen minutes in a laboratory called CERN by the force of an electromagnetic field.


Abdullah Abi Dunya, who was an Iraqi scholar of the 8th century, has a saying that there is a land towards the west, its whiteness is its light, there is a creature of Allah who has never disobeyed him even for a moment, people He asked them where Satan is. He said that they do not even know whether Satan has been created or not. He asked if they are also human. He said that they do not even know about the birth of Adam.

We can argue about the truth of this tradition, but is it impossible? Isn’t it in Surah Bani Israel that We gave superiority to Bani Adam over many of our creatures?

Remember that the word “many” in the verse is the word for “many” creatures, not “excellence over all creatures”.


Now a very important question! Can we enter other worlds? And what will happen? If the worlds meet. And is there an end in these other worlds? God willing in the next thread.

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