A man had four S O N S. He wanted his sons to learn this lesson not to be quick to judge anyone. So in order to understand this, he decided to send his Betou on a journey to see a pear tree in a remote area. Send one child at a time on a journey and visit that tree. Again and again, everyone’s journey began. The Big child went in winter, the second in spring, the third in summer, and the most youthful child in fall.

When all the sons came back after finishing their journey, the man called his four sons together and asked them about the details of their journey. The first son who went to see that tree in the spring season said that the tree was very ugly, that it had rotted. The second son said no, that tree was very green.
Everyone is full of sweat.


The third son differed from the second that the tree was full of flowers and its fragrance was coming from far away and he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Now the youngest son differed from his eldest brother that he was carrying a pear tree with fruit and he was looking at the life of the tree from the ground.


After hearing all this, this man smiled and looked at his neighbor and said:
“None of you is wrong,” he said. All are right in their own place.
The son was very surprised to hear the answer from the father that this is possible. Ba continued: “You can’t judge a tree or a person just by looking at it in one season or situation. It requires investment to get to know somebody. Man is sometimes in one quality and sometimes in another quality. If you see a tree with no flowers in the winter season, it does not mean that it will never bear fruit.


Similarly, if you see a person in a state of anger or misbehavior, it does not always mean that he will be bad. Never make a rash decision until you’ve checked someone out. One can only be understood or judged when all these seasons have passed. If you judge only in the winter season, you will miss the greenness of summer, the beauty of spring, and the pleasure of a whole life. Don’t bet, don’t judge your life based on one bad season.


In the same way, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has placed the substance of good and evil in every human being, therefore also in his qualities. It fluctuates in different seasons, so we should be cautious. Because suspicion is also a big sin.

May Allah protect us from misgivings.
End us all at the highest level of faith.

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